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Transmission Repair in Crestwood, KY

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Listen to Your Car

Your transmission ensures proper power transfer from the engine to the wheels in your vehicle, so when issues arise, it can be costly and compromise your driving. In Crestwood, KY, the go-to destination for transmission repair and maintenance expertise is Certified Express Lube & Auto Service. For over 30 years, our certified pros have told drivers to listen to their vehicles. An illuminated check engine light, difficulty shifting, grinding gears, burning smell, or transmission fluid leak are all indicators of a transmission problem. Instead of attempting to diagnose the issue yourself, bring it to our auto repair shop without delay. Our experienced mechanics specialize in automatic and manual transmissions for all makes and models. Don’t ignore the problem, and keep driving. One small problem can quickly spiral into catastrophic transmission repair services, costing you time and money. Early detection is the best way to preserve performance and stay safe on the road. Don’t entrust your transmission to any auto repair shop; rely on the professionals at Certified Express Lube & Auto Service. We are passionate about our craft and committed to delivering dependable, high-quality repairs at a fair price.