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Save Money with Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance is not only crucial for the longevity and performance of your vehicle but also for saving you money in the long run. At Certified Express Lube & Auto Service, we’re helping motorists in Crestwood, KY, and the surrounding areas save money with vehicle maintenance they can depend on. Staying on top of routine maintenance services like oil changes, tune-ups, and brake repair helps avoid more costly breakdowns and auto repair services. Timely maintenance allows our certified mechanics to identify potential issues before they can escalate. Additionally, maintenance services at our auto repair shop can improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump. We’ll always provide an honest and accurate assessment of your vehicle’s health. If we spot a problem, we’ll explain it simply and provide auto repair options. If your car gets a clean bill of health, we’ll tell you that too. If you’re between maintenance appointments and suspect a problem, call us at 502-241-7166 to schedule an appointment. Our auto mechanics have the expertise and tools to perform small and large auto repair services. When it comes to automotive care, count on us to meet you at your point of need.